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Dr. Marcia Burrowes

My cousin graciously was the MC for the evening and spoke on my behalf

Ms. Carla Springer-Hunte

Manager of the EBCCI: Many thanks to her for sharing and supporting my vision and being the energy behind the displaying of my works.

Prof. Eudene Barriteau

Principal of the UWI Cave Hill, Prof. E. Barriteau accepted the invitation to be feature speaker at the event.

Dr. Yvonne Walkes

Delivered a riveting piece of poetry on domestic abuse of women.

Dr. Charmaine Crawford

Director of Gender Studies, UWI Cave HIll

The Artist

This I will forever remember...I had a dream, I made it a reality.

Me & My Dad

I was so glad to have my Dad - Neville their with me for the night.

Me & my Cousins and Aunt

The Matriarchs (to my left- Cousin Marcia, Auntie Pat, Cousin Sue)

Lolita Parris & I

Lolita and I

Viewing the Artwork

Discussing my interpretation of Sarah with friends

Viewing the Artwork

In conversation with some guests

Viewing the Artwork
Viewing the Artwork

Lost Souls - my three panel piece

Viewing the Artwork

I wondered what caught their attention in ENDANGERED

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